Dirt roads, bare feet, freckled shoulders, and calloused hands.  The slow pace of life, like the ebb and flow of the tide, is consistent and unchanging. I never appreciated my upbringing in Southern Maryland until I left. I have come to miss the comforting quality of humidity, chirping cicadas, the Chesapeake Bay and even the underlying grit that goes hand in hand with this way of life.

Although the area is increasingly developed, 20161 Dalonbay Lane will forever remain a haven removed from it all; steeped in nostalgia and comfort. There is a palpable feeling of home that I still find every time I return. It is ingrained in the dock boards and on my parents’ faces. It is constantly retraced and remembered in the sand with each low tide.  This investigation of my life-long home reveals my backbone and emotional underpinnings.

Beyond the Marsh Grass
Baby Snake
Mom Swimming
Swimming in August
Hayley in the Ivy
To the Dump
Christmas Eve
Crab Shed
Filleting Rock Fish
Day After Christmas