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Untitled (August)

We Miss You

2020 lost any sense of rhythm. Days stretched into weeks and months at my family's home in Southern Maryland and at my apartment in D.C. Reflecting on the year through the photographs I made, I see them first as a diary of monotony and confinement. Yet individual moments betray the unending feeling of disruption and transformation — and ultimately, endurance and even beauty.


We Miss You is a site-specific installation about making sense of a year of shared grief and personal trauma. The work of processing loss involves resuming all the everyday habits that once brought relief or joy. Healing is a kind of performance: going through the motions, if only for the sake of appearance, until the feeling comes back. But a year of overwhelming tragedy has left little room for this personal processing. This series is a survey of lost time — an effort to document this performance and understand how grief works in a time without healing.

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